Monday, June 21, 2010

Lowbrow Get Down

If you've never heard of Lowbrow Customs then you either live in a cave or don't have the internet... if you live in a cave with the internet your just a little weird. Ok enough with the nonsense this party put on by Tyler & Kyle has to be one of the better (best) biker/hotrod/custom (Lowbrow if you will) party I have been to in a long time maybe even ever. They had everything from a great camping spot to swimming/cliff jumping, excellent riding area, good crowd & free beer all right here in Ohio.
Anyway enough of my nonsense check the pics ant you'll get the idea. These pics are from a few sources Aetsh from Chop Cult, Griz of PSW customs & Kyle from Lowbrow. Thanks to them for letting me use their pics.

Watch for more pics all this week. If you're ever in North East Ohio check out the Lowbrow guys, or if you need pretty much anything cool from helmets to brit bike tools they're the go to guys.

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