Sunday, June 24, 2012

Diggers Again Pig Roast

Rode with 90+ people I didn't know yesterday. Well I knew 3 of them but the point is, there was not one unfriendly person, no cold shoulders or attitudes.

I normally dont care to ride in large, groups. Partly due to how people ride in large groups. Partly to the fact there is some douchery involved in large groups. This was not the case. Everyone was there for the ride and fellowship. It was a great day and I enjoyed meeting all the people that came out.

I feel this is the way people should be on a daily basis. Not just on a bike run. Maybe everyone should ride on two wheels?


This guy was road captain on the way back from Clam Diggers in Monroe MI. That didn't last to long though.

Waiting for the trailer as this old Shovel lost oil pressure and gave those behind a nice fossil fuel bath.

My old four banger ran like a top.

Brandon finished up the day bummed out the old shovel needs a rebuild. Hopefully it's just the oil pump.

Detroit Homicide.

The end to a great day.

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