Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm back like scoliosis

Old Bike "el Bastard"
It has been one hell of a long minute. Well two years to be exact since I was hit and broke my back and beautiful, beautiful bitch bike was nothing more than parts and memories. Well as of Thursday I am back.

Current build 91' FXRT cut down and rolling my TP107" out of the bastard.

Been working on an FXR but as any of you who have full time jobs that does not include being in a garage all day can attest; it's a bitch trying to finish a bike with very little time available. Add to that kids and freelance work, well you get the picture. I am just a lazy bastard.

I did buy a KZ1000 do bomb around on but honestly it turned into another project. I really really really didnt want another project. I wanted to get on a bike and go. For cheap.

What has now morphed into a KZ Cafe Project
Then Fab Kevin hits me up with an email telling me he has just picked up two nice Suzuki's and the gears began to turn on a deal.

Needless to say I am back in the saddle again. I am putting on some miles tomorrow around the Irish Hills. If you see me bombing the around please duck because hard ons will be had. It's been two years.

Very excited to be back, even more excited to be contributing.


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