Monday, July 2, 2012

Cafe Racer Ton Up / Down River Cruise

Donito and myself met up to catch what was left of Cafe Racer's, Ton Up in Ypsilanti. What we saw was pretty cool. Typical Ducati and Thruxton's. I didn't get pics but there was a few cool and original Jap bikes.

It was about the time that the "pro" wrestling started that we decided to make our exit and head to the Down River cruise.

Ok, so one thing that I realized is that one place that isnt designed for people who have been in violent / back breaking collisions is a road of bumper to bumper traffic with high power machine revving and wildly burning out their machine to the point of losing control all while being feet from your rear wheel.

It was cool to see the cars though. A bit disappointed there were not more bikes out there but then again maybe they were smarter than me.

Hopefully I can make it out to Bike Days Wauseon on the 20th. Anyone want to meet up and ride out?

Till next time chumps.


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